Want a great brain? Don't add mercury!

Spring is here and it's a great time to eat fresh foods, including seafood, but it's essential that you avoid ingesting toxins with that beautiful meal. Whenever you eat fish and seafood, I recommend that it you opt for low mercury choices.

Here’s a great guide that I use (see link below) to remind myself which seafood is best. Lucky for me my favorite, scallops, is also the lowest in mercury. That follows the simple rule that vegetarian creatures have less mercury because they don’t eat other creatures that contain mercury, which bio-accumulates. So, the opposite is also true: if an animal is a carnivore, the more mercury it holds because it now contains the mercury held by all the fish it has eaten in its lifetime. Also, by picking smaller creatures you are picking lower mercury load, because they haven’t had as much time to accumulate mercury.

When it comes to seafood, I also avoid shrimp because of the tragic reality that much of it is caught and processed in Asia with slave labor. American wild caught shrimp is ok but you have to look at the package to find out where the shrimp was caught.

What else do I avoid?

Farmed fish, because it’s a bad use of resources (it takes 2 pounds of feeder fish to raise one pound of farmed fish) and it creates pollution and biological mayhem in the form of bacteria and viruses.

And lastly, I avoid Sashimi, because I have no interest in becoming host to a parasite (no sushi will ever taste as great as a healthy GI tract feels).

If you need help with mercury detoxification, please make an appointment to come see me. It’s a key treatment in my practice. And in the meantime, Here’s to your good health! Bon Appetit!

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