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Do you have a chronic condition that isn't improving?

Do you wish there was an alternative to rushed doctor visits?

You are in luck!

Get ready to be seen AND heard at my practice.

The root cause of your health condition is determined. Then you receive a thorough treatment plan that works for YOU, so you WILL get better. 


Come see me if you want to:

  1. optimize your health.

  2. work with a doctor who will partner with you

  3. maximize your quality of life


Make your first appointment today!

"Knowledgeable,  caring,  and a great  listener Dr.  Browning will allow you share your concerns and decide on a treatment strategy that works for you and your family.  Too often,  medical professionals don't take the time to listen to you and your concerns or forget that you also need to live your life ...  This is not the case at all at this practice."                         -- J.P.   October, 2016

Wellness Personified
8035 SE 33rd Place, Suite 1
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Phone 206-486-4292

                    Restoring health and the joy of life at every age. 




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