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Wellness For Life

Concierge Medical Care

Some patients wish to establish a close working relationship without the concern of frequent visit fees. For these patients we offer Wellness For Life Concierge Medical Care, allowing you to schedule unlimited visits. *

Cost for this plan: $150/month

Receive the close attention to your health concerns that you want, without any worry about the cost of frequent visits. See Dr. Browning as often as you wish. Contact us today to begin Wellness For Life Concierge Medical Care.


We look forward to seeing you soon to begin working with you on your return to optimal health. 

Unlimited visits: up to one visit per week; Wellness For Life Concierge Medical Care payments are payable in 12 monthly installments; can also be paid once annually. 

"My children have recently become patients of Dr. Browning.  The intake appointments were thorough and thoughtful, working with my children directly instead of talking about them.  Already, I am in awe of the amount of attention my kids have received under her care.  As one of my children recently struggled with an illness, it was such a comfort to know that I could reach out quickly to Dr. Browning to receive a prompt response to include traditional and alternative protocols of care, while educating me as to what the benefits are of the suggested remedies.  Much to my surprise, Dr. Browning also continued to check in on my child as she recovered.  It has been a huge relief to know that she retains the medical history of my children with quick recall, so I am not having to remind her of this issue or that issue.  Her bedside manner is gentle, collaborative, patient and non-judgmental.  So grateful to have found such a good match for our family's needs."  

L.C.  -- January 2018

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