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Are Anxiety and Stress Coming for Christmas?

It's the time when everyone is posting Hallmark-perfect versions of their life. Their house is perfect. Their kids are perfect. Their relationships are perfect. Heck, even the pets are perfect. And you feel -- meh. Or worse: inadequate. And then the festive feelings turn to anxiety and stress - to be more, to do more, to show more, to keep up with the perfect people showing you up. Wait, what?! Just pause. Breathe. And remind yourself that you are all you need to be. Leave the wrapping and the recipes and the vacuum cleaner, and go outside to gaze at a tree, a cloud, a bird, a kid playing. Keep breathing and reminding yourself you're everything you need to be. Now you can proceed with whatever seems most important/valuable/meaningful. Please keep it up in the coming days. Be kind to yourself. You're everything you need to be.


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