Is this sweetener ruining your health?

A new study finds that a common sweetener has been linked to growth of C. difficile in the gut. C.diff is a very bad actor in the microbiome. It used to be fairly uncommon unless you’d been hospitalized and had a compromised immune system. No more. Now it can be found in nearly anyone, and this sweetener may help to explain that: it feeds C. diff like no other food additive. Leading me to say once again: if it came from Mother Nature, eat it. If it came from a factory, don’t. If your gut is eating you, make an appointment to come see me. Diving into the root cause of GI issues is my bread and butter (pun intended!).…/common-food-additive-makes-c-diffi…

Common food additive makes C. difficile more virulent

Since trehalose has become commercially available, epidemic strains of C. difficile are on the rise.


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