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Thinking you may need IVF? Try this first!

Over time I've found that there is a distinct disconnect between women and their own hormones. Rather than being tuned in to their personal ups and downs of estrogen and progesterone, they're focused on apps and testing for ovulation and pregnancy. I've helped women conceive on their own and I am betting I can help you, too. If you'd like to shelve the idea of IVF, at least for a while, and give a natural approach to conception a try, make an appointment on my website. I will ask you about your history. I'll go over any and all labs that you've had done. We will determine if your conception struggle is centered on the male or the female half of the equation. Once we've answered these questions, I will give you a plan for the next step in your journey toward parenthood. What have you got to lose? $300 for an intensive consultation could save you thousands of dollars and the health impact of the high dose hormones used in IVF. Make a telemedicine appointment and get started - naturally - on the path to having a baby.


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